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October Prompts 2022

Every year, it seems as though October is the unofficial 'challenge month' on Instagram and since there are SO many incredible challenges happening, I've decided this would be a good time to take a break from hosting my own monthly prompts. Rather than managing a challenge, I will be spending some time working on other projects that I've been brainstorming for a while now.

If you're looking for prompts to follow this month, here are a few you can check out:

INKredible Inktober is a month-long challenge celebrating all things Autumn, hosted by fellow Skillshare Top Teachers Iva, Anna, Ohn Mar, Marie-Noëlle and Jen. They're also giving away three Skillshare Premium Memberships!

#TrickOrTreatSpookyAndSweet is a Halloween-themed challenge hosted by Jen, Megan, Jess, Alissandra and Heather. Several of these talented ladies are actually subscribed to this newsletter so it's so fun to see them team up for a challenge!

They Draw And They Cook is hosting a challenge called THEYDRAWTOBER with daily food and garden prompts.

Weronika is hosting a TEATOBER challenge with tea-themed prompts (she's also giving away a Skillshare membership!)

Charly is hosting her FACETOBER challenge again, for those of you who enjoy drawing portraits

and Yiota is hosting a challenge called #FreeYourFearsWeek

….so as you can see, there's LOTS to choose from this month - a


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