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July Prompts 2022

Since the summer is in full swing and the temperatures are soaring, I thought this would be a good month to cool things down a bit. Shout out to my Instagram followers who shared their favorite summertime cold treats - I've incorporated many of your yummy suggestions into this month's prompt list! :)

Creative Prompts by Gia Graham

Here are the four prompts for July...

July 2022 Creative Prompts by Gia Graham

If you're new to the newsletter, how you interpret the prompts is entirely up to you – the goal is to simply to spark your creativity on those days when you feel stuck. Here are a few loose suggestions to get you started if you're not sure where to begin.

Cones & Cups: Think ice cream cones, snow cones, gelato, frozen yogurt or sorbet… whether it comes in a cup or a cone, here's a chance to feature your favorite. You could illustrate the treat itself, hand letter a cute sign for an ice cream shop or add a face, arms and legs to turn the treat into a cute character.

Juicy Pop: Whether it's fancy fruit pops, homemade juice pops or cocktail popsicles with a kick - think of creative ways incorporate popsicles into your art.

On Ice: Illustrate your favorite ice cold beverage… or you could even hand letter the recipe! Iced tea, iced coffe, lemonade, slushies, margaritas - whatever gives you that summertime vibe.

Scoops & Beyond: Since ice cream was by far the most popular answer when I asked about your favorite cold treats, it's getting a second spot on the list. This prompt, however, will focus on all the other ways we can indulge in our favorite cold treat: a cold scoop of ice cream melting on top of a warm slice of pie, a fully loaded ice cream sundae, ice cream floats, ice cream sandwiches… there are so many options!

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