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Combine Hand Lettering and Illustration


Hand lettering is the skill of drawing words…but how do we transform basic lettering into a compelling work of art?

In this class, we’re going to explore how to level up your lettering compositions by incorporating illustration in three effective ways. 


. . .

1 hour 12 minutes  |  15 video lessons

Bonus Materials: PDF Resource Guide

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A small sample of what students have to say about this class...

What a great class. I can't think of anything that could be improved upon. Gia is so generous with her process and techniques. Everything is so clearly explained and the tips she gives regarding small details makes this class gold! The little bit at the end about printing and using your creation as a phone background was like the cherry on top!

Karin C.

This is my second class with Gia - and I plan to take ALL of her classes. She is patient, thorough, succinct, TALENTED, fun and engaging. Her explanations and projects are easy to follow. And my personal favorite part is that at the end of this class, she told us how long it took her to actually do the project in real time. So helpful. I have never seen a teacher do that. They usually make it seem like projects are just so easy for them. Gia is just honest. Many thanks.

Michelle S.

Very helpful to see how thinking and open creativity can yield many nice pieces using the same quote! It was helpful to see how illustrations can be used.

Scott H.

Gia’s classes never fail to impress me. They’re always packed with so much knowledge. I took many notes and will be carrying it with me in my future creative endeavours.

Daksha G.

A few of the projects students created after taking this class...


Artwork by Dani Espudo


Artwork by Nicoletta Bascià


Artwork by Orla Turner


Artwork by Deborah Longobardi

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