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February Prompts 2022

This month's prompts are all about the love of letters (or lettering!), correspondence and all the ways we can communicate our love... whether it's romantic love, platonic love, self-love, pet love... it all counts!

Here are the four prompts for February:

If you're new to the newsletter, how you interpret the prompts is entirely up to you – the goal is to simply to spark your creativity on those days when you feel stuck. Here are a few loose suggestions to get you started if you're not sure where to begin.

Snail Mail: What's better than getting a sweet surprise in the mail? The options are pretty broad here - you could hand letter the phrase, draw a pile of cute packages, envelopes, a decorated mailbox, a cute mail truck or postman... you get the idea.

Punny Valentine: If you were to create a fun, witty Valentine's card, what would it say and/or look like? Give us your best love puns!

Love Stamp: Almost every year since the 1980s, the US Postal Service has issued a new love stamp. If you had the chance to design your own postage stamp devoted to love, what would it look like?

Sweetest Love: Conversation hearts, 'I love you' cookies... let sweet treats with messages be your inspiration for this one. The messages could be sappy, silly, snarky... you decide!

If you use any of the creative prompts and share your work on Instagram, please be sure to use the hashtag #DrawWithGia. Thanks!


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