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January Prompts 2022

In addition to offering color inspiration in the form of a new palette every month, this year I'm also sharing a series of monthly prompts! Each month, there will be four prompts (one for each week of the month) and each month's prompts will fall under a common theme. The goal of these prompts is simply to spark your creativity on those days when you feel uninspired. You're welcome to try just one prompt, all four or none at all - it's just another tool in your creative arsenal for when you feel stuck.

This month's theme is:

Here are the four prompts for January:

How you interpret the prompts is entirely up to you. As I mentioned, the goal is to simply help inspire an idea. Your interpretation could be literal (like a drawing of the object) or it might make you think of a cool quote to hand letter or you might decide to try baking a new tea cookie recipe... just see where it takes you!

If you use any of the creative prompts and share your work on Instagram, please be sure to use the hashtag #DrawWithGia. Thanks!


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