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Picking colors can be difficult for many artists. Rather than teaching Color Theory and other abstract concepts, this 35 minute class will take a practical approach as I walk you through my process of palette creation, step by step. 

This class is ideal for anyone who struggles with color selection, no matter what your level of experience. 

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35 minutes  |  8 video lessons

An annual Skillshare membership gives you access to all my classes plus thousands more!

One-time purchase

$15 USD


A small sample of what students have to say about this class...

The explanations are clear and concises and the whole process is so effective. This course is exactly what I needed. I have books on color theory but your course is much more interesting and playful while being so professional. Thank you so much!

Myriam D.

“Icing on the cake” of all the color classes I have EVER taken! This course showed me how to get into the integration and implementation of palette construction; how and why I am choosing colors. It also showed me how to assess and correct the color choices to make them more usable and cohesive.

Rio S.

This is a brilliant little class. I have always struggled with putting together palettes, it overwhelms me and takes me more time than it should. This concise, step by step method is absolutely something I will start using in my own designs. Thanks Gia!

Emma R.

This is such a refreshing and lighthearted class. You won't feel overwhelmed with too much information and will feel a new ease with using colours. I found a better system of picking my colours before starting a piece and I will definitely use this process for my future pieces. Thank you so much for yet another amazing class.


A few of the projects students created after taking this class...


Artwork by Allison Russell


Artwork by Paprica Studio


Artwork by Hayley Patten


Artwork by Heather Kronstain

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