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How to Effectively Letter Long Quotes


Lettering more than just a couple words can be a challenge. Lettering long quotes and phrases can be downright daunting! Not to worry, with a few tips and tricks, you can do this.

This class is ideal for anyone who struggles with lettering composition. I will be working digitally using the Procreate app, however, these concepts easily carry over to analog work as well.

. . .

34 minutes  |  14 video lessons

Bonus Materials: sample quotes

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$15 USD


A small sample of what students have to say about this class...

Once again, Gia nails it. An engaging class with gorgeous examples. Gia, as ever. is warm and welcoming and explains every step very clearly. Absolutely inspiring! Thank you!

Els R.

Great class! Composition and layout can be really tricky but Gia explained it very well and made it easier to approach. I love how she broke down everything

Amanda W.

Another amazing class by Gia! Just love her style of teaching. I feel so confident after following along and really trying out the steps and making them my own. She makes me want to get better and better. I'm finally having fun lettering instead of being frustrated.

Traci B.

This clarified a lot of my questions about laying out lettering. The class is easy to follow with actionable steps. I can't wait to put what I've learned into practice.

Sara R.

A few of the projects students created after taking this class...


Artwork by Sameera Fathima


Artwork by Sandra Brezina-Krivda


Artwork by Nina


Artwork by Els Ruiters

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