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Tricks & Tips to Improve Your Lettering


If you're ready to improve your lettering, then this is the right class for you. I share tips, tricks and practice exercises to help you elevate your work and take the next step in your lettering journey.

This is the second class in my‘Hand Lettering in Procreate’ series.


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1 hour 31 minutes  |  12 video lessons

Bonus Materials: 15-page PDF download

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One-time purchase

$19 USD


A small sample of what students have to say about this class...

This class, like all of Gia’s classes, is very well prepared and presented. The organization is excellent and lessons are broken down in a way that is easy to follow. The examples are clear and the teacher is engaging. The class is a good length and packed full of useful info!

I felt like I learned SO MUCH from this class! Every section included a tip or a method to improve my work and make my art more polished overall. I'm leaving the class excited to get to work and apply what I've learned!

Kathrina C.

I love Gia's style. I enjoyed seeing the difference between a previous lettering example and to the improved version. I just watched this all the way through and look forward to implementing these ideas into a lettering piece.

Caran S.

This is the class I've been wanting! As a self-taught illustrator, I'm always looking to narrow the gap between what I want to create and what I can actually execute. Gia helps narrow that gap by identifying common areas for improvement with clear, actionable tips and tools to address them. Highly recommend!

Anne K.

A few of the projects students created after taking this class...


Artwork by Ofee Imaginariumofees


Artwork by Richelle Lynn Garn


Artwork by Jennifer Corbett


Artwork by Magda

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