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Fundamentals to Finishing Touches


If you’re new to digital hand lettering and you’re not quite sure where to begin, then this class is for you! By the end of this class, you’ll be able to create a polished piece of hand lettering and have the tools you need to continue your lettering journey with confidence.

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1 hour 39 minutes  |  20 video lessons

Bonus Materials: 9-page PDF Guide

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$19 USD


A small sample of what students have to say about this class...

I've been illustrating for years and am now dipping my toes into hand lettering. This was a fantastic introduction to lettering! Gia pairs great production value with easy to follow and understand lessons. Her supplemental material was very helpful and I love the addition of extra learning exercises. Highly recommended!

Sara C.

Absolutely loved this course! It was clear, to the point, provided useful tips and great examples! The most important to me is that the course made me feel that it was possible for me to create the lettering thanks to the very clear step by step process! Lettering looked so daunting before but with this complete presentation, I feel I have the tools to create!


I really enjoyed this class! I’ve been interested in handlettering for a while, but all the courses I tried were either too advanced or mainly involved using practice sheets, which didn’t seem to improve my lettering very much. This course does a great job teaching you the basics so you can build up letters from scratch. I liked that I could follow along for every section and then practice by myself with the homework assignments. Also includes a lot of really interesting and useful info!

Katinka K.

I don't usually write reviews but this is an amazing course!! I am a beginner with very little experience of Procreate or hand lettering. I have watched probably close to 50 videos so far and while they were useful, I always felt like I was missing something. This is by far the BEST instruction yet. Gia covered everything you need to become good at lettering-from the very basics to more advanced techniques. She explained it in a way that was easy to follow and allowed me to put it into use. Thank you so much Gia- I now feel more confident about pursing my passion of hand lettering!

Kristen M.

A few of the projects students created after taking this class...


Artwork by Nupura Kirloskar


Artwork by Nikhil Cheerla


Artwork by Noemí Jiménez


Artwork by Tony Smith

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