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Client: Chronicle Books

I was invited by Tré Seals of Vocal Type to contribute artwork for Dream In Color, a book featuring 30 removable and ready-to-frame posters by 30 Black creatives from around the world.

See footage of the project in action here.

Author: Tré Seals  /  Release Date: August 2022


The back of each poster includes information about the artist along with their artist statement. Here's a snippet from my statement:

"Black hair is so beautifully complex... we see it as our crowning glory. For us, hair isn’t an afterthought - it is intertwined with our culture, lifestyle and self expression. In this piece, I wanted to celebrate this quintessential part of the Black experience. The phrase is bold and unapologetic (even a little braggadocious) but along with that strength, I also wanted to project beauty and softness..."

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