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Easy and Adorable Character Illustration in Procreate

If you've ever wanted to draw cute characters but you're not sure where to begin, then this is the class for you!

In this short, beginner-friendly class, I will show you how to draw simple features, how to make those features lively and expressive and how to tell a story with your illustration.

. . .

33 minutes  |  8 video lessons

Bonus Materials: 4 downloadable practice templates

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One-time purchase

$15 USD


A small sample of what students have to say about this class...

What a wonderful class! Gia does a great job explaining the key characteristics that maximize cuteness when it comes to character design... I love that she provides so many applications of character features, goes into detail about using proportions, ways to develop a story through illustration choices, and considering a background to further support your cute critter.

Elisabeth W.

I really enjoyed this class. It's short, concise, and easy to understand. Don't be fooled by the brevity of the class. Gia has managed to include all the information you need to get started designing your own cute characters. You leave the class with a sense of "I can do this."--just not as well as Gia. She makes it look so easy!


I was excited when I saw that this class was finally available. It was a quick and fun class packed with helpful tips on drawing cute. I highly recommend this class!

Melba R.

Another amazing class from Gia. Love the examples and all [the] advice that Gia gives along the way.

Astrid B.

A few of the projects students created after taking this class...


Artwork by Sarah Greeson


Artwork by Kate Tol


Artwork by Andi Compton


Artwork by Astrid Blanchard

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