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My Favorite Procreate Brushes

I received a few requests for this so I am sharing which brushes I have saved in my Favorites folder in Procreate and how I use them.

Most of the brushes I use are free but as promised, here are the links to the one I've purchased, in case you'd like to try them yourself:

Block Pencil by Cynlop Ink: Click here to purchase

Gouache Shader 01 by Retro Supply Co: Click here to purchase Smudged Dots Sprayer by ShoutBam!: Click here to purchase Halftone by ShoutBam!: Click here to purchase AN Stain Smudger by Abbie Uproot: Click here to purchase By the way, if you're curious about how to create a 'favorites' brush folder in Procreate, I explain the process step by step in Lesson 5 of my Hand Lettering Class on Skillshare.


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