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Want to know a secret? Drawing whimsical, imaginative florals is MUCH easier than you might think!


I know the thought of illustrating an elaborate floral scene can be daunting – especially for beginners – but the truth is, most floral masterpieces start out with just a few basic shapes. In this Floral Drawing Guide, I will share many of the floral shapes I often use in my own work and I will explain exactly how to draw them. Scroll below for a sneak peek and to download the free PDF guide!

Peek Inside
Free Floral Guide
In This Guide
  • A list of starter shapes you can use to create leaves and flowers

  • Examples of 10 different flowers you can create with basic shapes, along with step by step drawing instructions

  • Examples of 10 different leaf & foliage types you can create with basic shapes

  • Tips and a sample of how to create an arrangement by combining the flowers and foliage shown in the examples


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